Circle Time: Singing and learning time in a stimulating environment can enhance children’s observational and thinking skills. These sections can give them a better understanding of their surroundings and living.

Mind mapping: With choices of interesting mini games, children can build up their coordination and planning skills. They can also enjoy the quiet time in the reading corner.

Physical activities/ Baby Dance: Time to move with control, co-ordination, confidence, imagination and in safety. Children will also learn different actions like jumping, running, rolling etc.

Arts and Crafts: Children can explore the use of art materials such as crayon, watercolour and paper with various textures. While creating their own art work, children stretch their imagination and sense of colour, shape and design.

Tea Time: It is a short time for children and parents to take rest. Sharing and chatting between the teachers, students and parents are necessary. It helps to develop student’s social and communication skills.

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