Academic Owls (Upper Kindergarten)

  • Designed for Upper Kindergarten students 5 - 6 years old
  • Interactive Vocabulary Gameplay
  • Development of proper sentence structure
  • Peer discussion in small groups
  • Weekly Vocabulary Practice and Review
  • Development of speaking and grammar skills
  • Development of Reading Comprehension strategies

Course Level 4: 5-6 Year Olds

Guided Reading is a powerful tool to improve children's reading, comprehension and speaking skills, while also being a great way of supporting progression in reading and encouraging children 's enthusiasm for books.

If reading is practiced regularly at a young age, it can quickly improve a child's understanding of phonics and their ability to construct grammatically correct sentences in English. This course improves English fluency with engaging stories children can enjoy.

The UK's #1 reading programme gives children the very best start. With systematic phonics at its heart, our Oxford Guided Reading course is designed to improve reading and comprehension abilites. All of the books in our program are from the famed Oxford Reading Tree series which not only helps improve reading skills, but also instills a love for reading. Each time a new book is introduced, the students learn the vocabulary and take turns to read and help each other with more difficult words. Fun activities and worksheets help to reinforce newly learned sentence structures and vocabulary.

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