Bouncy Bears (Nursery)

  • Designed for children 3 - 4 years old
  • Focuses on speaking and listening skills
  • Pre-writing line development skills
  • Peer conversational exercises in small groups
  • Weekly themed Vocabulary Practice
  • Simple Sentence Practice
  • Interactive Vocabulary gameplay
  • Development of classroom skills

Course Level 2: 3-4 Year Olds

In our Bouncy Bears class, we cover pre-writing line development, listening and speaking exercises for weekly themed conversational topics, as well as themed yoga poses for the development of healthy body awareness. The children are encouraged to take part in a real life conversational exercise with their teacher, the form of which is taught visually and aurally through a very catchy song using an interactive whiteboard. Through real conversation with our team of Native English Teachers the children learn English vocabulary and conversational form in a holistic natural way.

The children also do guided pre-writing exercises to ensure that they develop good written form. Establishing good writing habits at this young age is critical to avoid bad habits in the future.  Our Bouncy Bears classes are all finished off with an exciting educational tailor-made classroom game to help reinforce the vocabulary learned in the class, in a fun and exciting way. 

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